Having problems with ants, cockroaches, spiders, mice or any other variety of pests in your Oakland home, office or facility? Call on Burge Pest Control. We've been in the pest control business for more than 50 years, serving the Bay Area with three generations of expertly trained and licensed technicians.

Name The Pest - We Can Dispatch It

Ants, termites, spiders, mice, rats, wasps & bees, roaches, silverfish, bed bugs, fleas and ticks, or any other infestation you're dealing with in the Oakland area, Burge Pest Control knows what to do. Our experience with any number of vermin is unsurpassed, and we're known for our uniquely catered solutions. Once we evaluate your situation, we'll come up with a program to solve it. It might take one treatment, or something ongoing like monthly or quarterly visits. Our promise to you is that we'll only provide the amount of service you need to solve your pest problems quickly and effectively. Also, we guarantee our results to provide peace of mind.

For pest control services in Oakland, CA turn to the experienced team at Burge Pest Control.

Get With the Program

Before you ever see a bill, Burge Pest Control will come out for a free, no-obligation consultation. We’ll come out to your home or facility and evaluate the issue. Then we’ll suggest our plan of attack and provide a quote. If you want to move forward, we’ll make sure to keep you completely apprised of our schedule and the results. We always call the night before a treatment so there are no surprises. Also, we’re happy to let you know the materials we’ll be using on the job. Just rest easy knowing our processes and procedures are state approved, and we offer optional treatments that are more environmentally conscious.

Make Oakland pest free with Burge Pest Control. Contact Burge Pest Control today. Or give us a call at 888-292-7378 or 510-523-6100.

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  • Termite Treatment
  • Bee Control
  • Spider Control
  • Roach Control
  • Bed Bug Treatment
  • Flea Control
  • Silverfish Control

If you have any questions about our pest control services in Oakland, CA - reach out today to speak with a local exterminator.