Spider control in Alameda, Oakland & Berkeley, CA

Spiders are beneficial for their role as predators to insects and other arthropods. Unfortunately, many people fear or dislike them. Only one spider that lives in the Bay Area can seriously hurt humans, it is the black widow.


Spiders are not insects, they are arachnids. Spiders have eight legs and two body parts: a head region (cephalthorax) and an abdomen. They lack wings and antennae. Most spiders have toxic venom used to kill their prey.

A Short Bio:

One of the most common spiders found in a home is the long-bodied cellar spider. It cannot bite humans because their fangs are too short to pierce human skin. Their biggest problem to humans is their messy webs.

Another common house spider is the common house spider. It makes its webs in corners and windows.

The red and black jumping spider is often found around homes. If provoked, it may bite, but bites are usually not serious. These spiders do not make webs and have very good eyesight to hunt with.

Our Treatment:

Spiders can easily be controlled with either an exterior and/or interior treatment depending on your needs.

For long term control an every other month or quarterly treatments will be needed.

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