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There are several species of bedbugs in the world. The one that is found most often feeding on humans is the common bedbug. It is the best adapted to human environments.



Adult bedbugs are reddish brown, flattened and oval. Adults grow to 4-5 mm in length and 1.5-3 mm in width. Nymphs are translucent, and become darker as they molt and reach maturity.

A Short Bio:

They are usually active at night until just before dawn. Most of their feeding is done within an hour of the sunrise. Feeding usually for about five minutes, then returning to its hiding spot. Bedbugs can live up to eighteen months without feeding.

There are several ways to get a bedbug infestation. The most common is to pick them up while traveling. You can find them in places like hotels, bed & breakfasts, hostels and motels mainly due to their high turnover rates. Another way they can be brought home is through used furniture. Only in severe infestations can bedbugs be transmitted from location to location by hitchhiking on a persons' clothing.

Where They Live:

Once bedbugs are in a home, they usually stay close to their prey. The most common areas they can be found are in the folds of the mattress, bed frames, dressers and baseboards. As the infestation grows they will spread from those points to any crack and crevice. They can be found up to 50 feet from their hosts. Detection is observed via bites people find on themselves. As time goes on bites increase and individual bedbugs can be found.

Our Treatment:

There are several methods in controlling bedbug infestations. Every pest control company has their own slightly different program to deal with them because there is currently no single method that stops bedbugs immediately.

At Burge Pest control we utilize vacuums, liquid pesticides, fogging pesticides and dust insecticide to control bedbug infestations. Depending on the level of infestation one, two or often all of these techniques will be used to battle the bugs. At least two treatments will be required. Occupant preparation is the key to quick and effective control.

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What do Bed Bugs look like?

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