So you've got a pest infestation in your residential or commercial facility? Don't let it become a bigger problem. Call Burge Pest Control today. We have more than 50 years experience serving the Lafayette area. And we've been a family-owned and operated business since the very beginning. That means there are three-generations of qualified and highly-trained technicians at your beck and call. We've seen every type of pest infestation - from rodents to bugs - and we've logged thousands of hours of fighting and defeating each one.

No Infestation Too Big, No Pest Too Small

When fighting bugs, insects, rodents and other pests in the Bay Area since 1952, there's nothing we haven't seen...or conquered. So whether you're dealing with ants, termites or any other number of vermin, such as spiders, ticks, cockroaches, mice, rats, etc., we know how to exterminate them quickly and effectively. Our most common foes in Lafayette are ants and termites. We know how to get rid of every species known in the area, from Argentine ants, carpenter ants, odorous house ants and southern fire ants, to subterranean termites, drywood termites and dampwood termites. We not only have the experience to get rid of any pest, but the confidence in guaranteeing they won't come back. Ask about our 60-day ant guarantee or 3-year termite guarantee.

Get Your On-Site Consultation

Every Burge Pest Control job starts with a thorough on-site consultation. Before we provide a quote, we'll come out to your property, inspect it to determine exactly what insect or rodent is causing problems, and provide you a treatment plan catered to your unique situation. No cookie-cutter programs or long-term contracts. We know that our 50-year reputation is on the line with every new customer or infestation. So we suggest a treatment that gets the job done right, but also quickly. That may mean a one-time treatment or a program where we come back on a semi-regular basis. We'll make that clear from day one, and then we'll communicate with you regularly. That includes calling every night before a treatment so you're prepared.

Let us solve your pest problems today. Call Burge Pest Control at 888-292-7378 or 510-523-6100.