Spring Pest Control: San Francisco’s Rousing Pest Population

Ahh, Springtime! The kaleidoscope of flower petals along the sides of every path, the smell of freshly-cut grass mixing with smell of lawn mower fuel, and the sound of buzzing wings dive-bombing the first celebratory barbeque of the sunny season…what’s not to love?

What? You don’t like wasps? Then why are you barbequing, silly human? Don’t you know that spreading delicious sugar-and-meat smell in front of the nostril-equivalents of the freshly-roused wasp population is like riding through Tenderloin with a pile of money and some illegal narcotics all up on your dashboard? Maybe we should have a chat about what other pests populations are surging along with the rest of the new life this time of year.

Carpenter Ants
There’s no bigger ant in the San Francisco area than the carpenter ant — your typical soldier is nearly an inch long. Yeah, that’s gross. Carpenter ants aren’t terribly slowed down by the winter, but spring is nonetheless the time of year that their population explodes, with larger nests ‘calving’ (breaking off smaller groups to go nest elsewhere) this time of year. Of course, the existing nest will continue to expand, and if left alone, they can actually bring your entire house down.

Lyme disease, tularemia, and a few other serious-as-onions diseases have a helpful little transmission vector in the disgusting body of your everyday San Franciscan tick. Any walk through dense underbrush could leave you or a pet the victim of a tick attack — and ticks show up en masse as the grass gains mass. If your property has some unavoidable underbrush, consider calling an expert out for some de-ticking.

Like the carpenter ants, spring is the time when San Francisco’s termite population forms swarms and starts looking for new homes for their extra queens. When the temperature hits over-70 for about a week in a row, you can expect to see them hunting down a new supply of wood to nom. Naturally, if you notice any near your home, get some pest control out there — don’t risk them cohabitating under your floors or behind your walls!

Spring time pest control is San Francisco‘s salvation from a wide variety of disgusting, costly, and annoying critters that love the season of rebirth just as much as we do — if you’re the type who would pay for a bit of preventive pest maintenance at all, this is the time to do it!

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