Monsters Under the Bed: Bed Bug Removal in Concord

There really are monsters under some beds. They’re creepy, disgusting things that are all but invisible, feed on your very lifeblood as you sleep, and vanish with the morning’s light. They’re called bed bugs, and they’re every bit as horrific as your four-year-old self imagined the monsters under your bed to be.

Unfortunately, they’re also insanely hard to get rid of once you have them. Even a professional pest control company called out to perform bed bug removal for a Concord home will have to come back three times in order to be certain that the treatments we use will be 100% effective — there’s just no such thing as a one-time bed bug solution.

Integrated Pest Management and Bedbugs

Most modern pest management companies use a system called IPM: Integrated Pest Management. The IPM guidelines are established by the government to create a baseline of effective pest control techniques that minimize the use of volatile organic compounds or other chemicals dangerous to humans.

In the case of bedbugs, the protocol involves a combination of steam (killing by heat), liquid nitrogen (killing with cold), pesticides (killing with poison), and preventative techniques such as sealing crevices the bugs may hide in. In the case of dire or repeated infestations, we’ll sit you down and counsel you a bit on how you can prevent a recurrence in the future as well.

At the same time, you have a responsibility as well — as the pest control folks are doing what they do, you’ll need to take care of several things as well. Primary among them: launder every sheet, pillow case, duvet cover, curtain, furniture cover, and other bit of fabric in the bedrooms. Also: sprinkle a light dusting of diatomaceous earth all over your carpets and in the corners of every infested room. Leave it in for a least a week, then vacuum it up with a non-filtered vacuum cleaner like a Shop-Vac. (Diatomaceous earth kills the heck out of vacuum filters.)

If you can do that, and we do our part, we can kill those monsters under your bed once and for all.

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