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Are ants and other pests invading your home and ruining your picnic? Burge Pest Control is a premiere pest control company in Solano County. Whether you have a problem with termites, mice, bees, fleas, rats, ants, spiders, cockroaches, wasps, ticks, silverfish, earwigs, sowbugs, or an unidentifiable pest, Burge is your Solano County pest control solution.

Family Owned and Operated

Since our founding in 1952, Burge Pest Control has built a solid reputation in the Bay Area and Solano County for reliability, excellent customer service, effective pest control, and affordability. We offer the kind of customer service that only a family owned and operated can give. Burge Pest Control is fully licensed and insured to do business in Solano County. You can count on our nearly 60 years of experience to get the job done quickly and effectively.

How We Serve You

The first step in our Solano County pest control process is to assess the situation. Is there structural damage? What kinds of pests are invading your home? Then we devise a plan to effectively eliminate the pest population in your home.

Need a Solano County pest control company that prevents pests from ever invading your home? Burge offers different service plans to keep the creepy crawlers out. Check out our services page for more information.


Burge is a Solano County pest control company that cares about the environment in which we live. We offer effective organic and mechanical pest control solutions to rid you of your infestation. If you would like information on the insecticides that Burge Pest Control uses, check out the corresponding section of our useful links page.

If pests are crawling around in your house as you read this, please don't hesitate to pick up the phone and call (888) 292-7378. We offer free consultations to the entire Solano County. Take back the control in your home or business by choosing Burge Pest Control today.