The Earwig

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Adult earwigs are flattened insects, up to 1-1/4 inches long. Their color ranges from red-brown to black. They are active at night and scavenge on dead insects and plant materials. During the day they hide under stones, boards, sidewalks, or debris.

The males have curved forcept-like appendages they primarily use for defense and during courtship. They are not able to hurt people. The females appendages are smaller and less curved.

Eggs are laid in small batches inside a chamber two to three inches beneath the surface. Moisture is required for the eggs and young. The mother will guard and protect the eggs and the newly hatched young. After the first molt the young will leave them to fend for themselves.

Earwigs are nuisance pest and are easily controlled with an exterior treatment.

For long term control an every other month or quarterly treatment will be needed.

What do Earwigs look like?