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Adult earwigs are flattened insects, up to 1-1/4 inches long. Their color ranges from red-brown to black. They are active at night and scavenge on dead insects and plant materials. During the day they hide under stones, boards, sidewalks, or debris.

The males have curved forcept-like appendages they primarily use for defense and during courtship. They are not able to hurt people. The females appendages are smaller and less curved.

Eggs are layed in small batches in a chamber two to three inches beneath the surface. Moisture is required for the eggs and young. The mother will guard and protect the eggs and newly hatched young. After the first molt the young will leave and fend for themselves.

Earwigs are nuisance pest and are easily controlled with an exterior treatment.

For long term control an EVERY OTHER MONTH or QUARTERLY treatment will be needed.

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Sowbugs / Pillbugs

Sowbugs and pillbugs are not insects, they are crustaceans. Both are slow-moving and are closely related to crayfish, lobsters and shrimps.

Sowbugs are oval to slightly elongated with a flattened body and are up to 3/4 inch long. Their color with vary from brownish to slate grey. They have seven pairs of legs and plates of overlapping armor. They have well developed eyes and tail-like appendages.

Pillbugs are also oval to slightly elongated and are up to 3/4 inch long. They have well developed eyes with seven pairs of legs. They too have overlapping armor and range in color from brownish to grey.

The big difference is that pillbugs can roll up into a ball when disturbed. Pillbugs are often called roly-polys.

Both crustaceans mate throughout the year. The females carry the eggs in a brood pouch on the underside of her body. There can be between 10 to 200 in the pouch.

Once the young hatch they will stay in the brood pouch for six to eight weeks until they can fend for themselves.

These creatures live outside in moist areas, feeding on decaying organic matter. They are a nuisance problem and when they enter homes they will soon die without adequate moisture.

When they become a problem they are easily control with an exterior treatment.

For long term control either an EVERY OTHER MONTH or QUARTERLY treatment is needed.

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Centipedes are elongated, flattened arthropods,and are reddish brown. They have one pair of legs per body segment. Adults are usually over 1 inch in length. Unlike millipedes, centipedes do not curl up when disturbed.

Centipedes are beneficial because they feed on live insects and other small animals. However, if crushed they may bite, causing some pain and swelling.

Overwintering females lay eggs during warm months. Eggs are usually laid in the soil and are protected by the female. Centipedes can live up to six years.

Centipedes are easily controlled with an exterior treatment. For long term control an EVERY OTHER MONTH or QUARTERLY treatment is required.

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Millipedes are elongated, cylindrical to slightly flattened creatures. They are usually brownish in color. They have two or four pairs of legs per body segment.

When they walk, their legs move with a wave like manner.

Adults range from 1/2 to 6-1/2 inches in length.

When at rest or disturbed they will curl up.

Millipedes usually live in and feed on rotting plant material. They are a beneficial since they help break down dead plant material.

Eggs are laid in batches below the soil surface. The young grow gradually and add segments and legs as they mature. It takes two to five years to mature and they can live several years thereafter.

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Photo Gallery

Pill Bug

Rolled Up Pill Bug



Ear Wig with Eggs

Ear Wig with Eggs

Ear Wig


Sow Bug
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