Why Monthly Pest Control? Walnut Creek’s Landlords Know!

We’ll be perfectly honest: most single-family residences and even most commercial institutions around Walnut Creek only need pest control services every other month — because the chemicals used by most pest control firms break down over the course of about sixty days. But there are definitely places that need monthly pest control; Walnut Creek‘s multi-family residences (apartments, condominiums, and so on) are prime examples.

Why? Simple: apartments, condominiums, and similar structures have dozens or hundreds of people who come and go — most of them, let’s be honest, not exactly as careful with their temporary living conditions as they would be if they actually owned the building. That means dozens or hundreds of chances for someone to go on a trip and come back with bedbugs, cockroaches, fleas, or poisonous spiders — any of which can rapidly become a full-fledged infestation.

The standard operating procedure for an unprepared apartment manager is to basically ignore pest control needs until they get multiple reports of pests in a short timespan — crap, both A102 and A103 reported roaches this week! Then, they call pest control, spend several hundred dollars for some heavy-duty remediation…and then ignore pest control again until the cycle starts over.

Imagine a world in which, instead of several hundred dollars twice a year, the apartment manager spent fifty or so every month to have a pest control expert come out and perform basic preventative measures. Where, when those bedbugs hitched a ride on A207’s suitcase, they ran smack into a chemical wall that left them gasping in the corner, unable to eat or breed, and no one ever noticed that the bugs made it into the house because they got vacuumed up like all the other dust. Wouldn’t that be better?

It might not be possible for a landlord to consistently make the rounds, preventing all of their residents from leaving old food out and thus attracting rodents and cockroaches — some people are just messy, no judgment. But it’s totally possible for that landlord to ensure that there simply aren’t any cockroaches or rodents in the area to be attracted to that food.

When every one of your tenants has to deal with the combined pest-related threats that the entire bunch bring together, monthly pest control isn’t just a good idea — it’s bordering on mandatory.

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