Types of Commercial Pest Control for Concord Businesses

When you put years of blood, sweat, and tears into your business and you have a good portion of your plans for the future riding on its success, you don’t really have the option of forgetting the details that keep the place open and functional. But many Concord businesses inadvertently open the doors (no pun intended) for pests by attempting to save a scrap of change on their bottom line — by not paying for pest control services at least once every season.

But even if you ignore the pests, you can be assured that your customers, vendors, and employees won’t. It’s far better to set yourself up for ongoing, at least every-other-monthly preventative pest control than it is to find out that you already have disgusting, disease-carrying roaches or rats hiding inside your walls. But not all pest control is the same! Here’s a short list of unique aspects of pest control for Concord‘s specific industries:

A single pest problem can spell revoked licenses and thus vanishing funding for healthcare businesses, but at the same time, it’s not like an emergency ward can just close for a while as the pest control folks do their thing — that’s why Burge Pest Control addresses medical structures by creating a pestproof barrier all the way around the outside. If they don’t get in, there’s no problem!

Food Services
Not just restaurants here, but food processing businesses as well can be among the most challenging — but also definitely among the most important! — to keep pest-free. Compounding the issue is a wide array of regulatory agencies that have rules that must be attended to by everyone working the space, including pest control. Our specially-trained pest control techs will bring their top game, with food-safe pest-proofing wherever the product is and powerful, long-lasting chemical walls everywhere it’s safe to apply them.

Hospitality/Property Management
Any time you have dozens or hundreds of people sharing the same building, you have special risks — the sheer amount of in-and-out that happens in your typical condo is a classic example. Burge Pest Control will come in, handle any urgent pest-related situations you’re facing down, and then come back for a perimeter misting every 30-60 days to ensure that your pest problems never come back.

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