The Most Difficult Pest Control: San Francisco’s Cockroaches

There’s layers to this work, player: some forms of pest control are significantly easier than others. Given the option between dealing with bedbugs or dealing with earwigs, every single pest control engineer we know would take the earwigs every single time. But even put up against the hassle of dealing with bed bugs, there’s one form of pest control San Francisco‘s pest controllers dread most of all. Yep, it’s none other than the dreaded cockroach.

U to the G to the H, seriously now.

The cockroaches in San Francisco are darn near the ultimate pests. (At least, the ones that will get into your home and make themselves a pain are — that’s only about 30 out of the 4,000 different cockroach species.) They have evolved over literally hundreds of millions of years, and among the many adaptations they’ve collected in that time you can find gems like:

  • The ability to eat basically anything, including meat, vegetables, rotting food, glue, and some kinds of paint. PAINT!  So you can’t starve them to death.
  • Cockroaches can live without their head for several days. If that’s not the kind of adaptation that laughs at dinosaur-killing meteors, we don’t know what is.
  • Thigmotropism: if you’ve ever wondered what the opposite of claustrophobic is, now you know: it’s “the desire to be squeezed into a small space,” the scientific name for which is “thigmotropism.” So cockroaches don’t just shove themselves into tiny spaces as an escape mechanism — it’s like a big warm hug from your floor, as far they’re concerned.
  • Extreme agility and speed, enough to whip along at about 2.5 feet per second, pivot around their centerline like a top set to whirl, and scoot backwards in short bursts if forward turns out to be a bad idea.

All of this combines with a well-known tolerance for many commonplace pesticides (and nuclear radiation, just for fun) and a rapid breeding pace (German cockroaches, the most common to find inside your home, can whip up 50 or so children within 3 weeks of settling in, and each of those 50 can make 50 more, and so on) to make cockroaches the number one most challenging to eradicate pest in San Francisco.  If you see one in your home, don’t hesitate — call Burge Pest Control today!

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