Ant Control for Oakland Kitchens: Keep Them OUT!

There’s nothing that is quite as depresgravating as looking down the length of your otherwise-pristine kitchen counter and seeing some small scrap of leftover something…and a long line of ants each taking a small nom off of said scrap and bring it back to their nest. If you’re just done with those scurrying six-legged annoyances, it’s time to call Burge Pest Control. We’ll come out there and perform the level of ant control Oakland residents have come to expect from our experts.

After and Before

Of course, once we’ve come out and done our anti-ant antics, you’re on your own again. Our chemicals will last a couple of months, and if you don’t arrange for a regular service, you might end up in the exact same position next season. Unless, of course, you do these simple things to dramatically reduce your risk.

  • Cover Everything Every Time: All it takes is one foraging ant to discover a bit of food. The moment they do, they’ll grab as much as they can carry and head back to the nest, leaving behind a trail of chemicals that tell other ants, “Hey, follow this trail to the food!” And suddenly, that line we mentioned up above forms, and it’s out-freaking time.
  • Including the Trash: Hopefully, this is intuitively obvious, but just in case: that includes the trash. If you have a trashcan that doesn’t close all the way, and even the faintest whiff of edible goodness (from an ant’s perspective) drifts out of it, you’ll have dozens of them meandering into your garbage.
  • Clean Everything Every Time: Similarly, if you have a spill, no matter how minor it seems, deal with it. Not necessarily “immediately,” but by the time you’re ready to serve whatever thing you were preparing. If you leave the kitchen, food in hand, and there’s still food spillage on the counter or the floor, you’re asking the ants to come.

No one, least of all Burge Pest Control, is insisting that you become the Our Lady of the Immaculate Confection — cooking is supposed to be fun and (at least in our experience) that includes being a little messy — just clean up consistently and thoroughly. Unless you want to pay us for another visit. We’re…we’re OK with that, actually.

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