A Challenge in Rodent-Proofing Walnut Creek

Here’s a quick pre-Spring challenge for you: 20 steps you can take toward rodent-proofing a Walnut Creek home or business. Are you up for it? Let’s go!

  • Replace Your Weather Stripping: Even a half-inch gap in your weather stripping is an invitation to come inside for a small mouse. This goes for doors, windows, and anything else that opens.
  • Examine Your Plumbing: If you have a pipe that moves from outside to inside at any point, it’s a double-danger. First, any pipes that open to the air can offer rodents a way in by crawling inside the pipes. Second, any pipes that aren’t properly caulked, screened, or both can allow rodents in by crawling along the top of the pipe.
  • Vents, Too: Similarly, a vent that has no screen or whose cover get stuck open for whatever reason can let rodents in along the inside, and a vent that doesn’t seal to the wall it moves through gives them a bridge to walk along.
  • Your Roofline: This is a big one, and often overlooked by homeowners. Most houses have dozens of entrances along to roofline, from attic vents to entrances for cable, phone, or electric lines to holes left behind by those carpenter bees a few years ago. Go over your eaves carefully and be ready to plug any hole the size of a dime or larger.
  • Is Your Siding Safe? ┬áThe next place to look is at your home’s siding: if there are warped, cracked, pulled-away, or otherwise imperfect pieces of siding, they could expose the insides of your walls to access from rodents.
  • Foundational Problems: If your foundation is cracked, has loose blocks, or has dipped away from the wall above it, you’re once again looking at an easy way in for a rodent. If you have a crawl space instead of a foundation, you can consider it just another side of the home to be inspected; most of these things apply to that entrance as well.
  • Up Top: Check your chimney: if there’s a piece of missing flashing along the bottom or a gap the size of a dime or larger between the cap and the chimney top, that’s an invitation to a rodent.
  • Under the Deck: Decks conceal an enormous amount of rodent activity, and if there are any controls or pipes that go into the house from underneath, it’s an easy rodent highway.

If you aren’t up for going over the entire checklist by yourselves, call Burge Pest and we’ll send a professional out there to do it for you. It’s worth it for the time you’ll save alone!

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